Miami Herald

As other suitors debate asking Ultra out, Miami has second thoughts about breakup

Weeks after Ultra Music Festival left the city of Miami, the city’s elected leaders are wondering if they should try to woo the electronic dance music event back.

“It just reminded me of being in a relationship, then breaking up with someone that you’re not ready to stop dating,” said Commissioner Keon Hardemon at a sunshine meeting Tuesday.

Hardemon and three other commissioners pondered the possibility of getting Ultra to return to the city — specifically, to Bayfront Park, which the city had kicked the festival out of. The discussion came at a time Ultra is in talks with several other South Florida municipalities over where next year’s festival will be held.

At a meeting where commissioners were allowed to discuss topics but not to take any votes, they agreed to reopen a formal conversation at a future meeting. Commissioner Joe Carollo reiterated residents’ complaints about the music blasting from Ultra’s stages, though he said he would welcome more talk about the matter.