Advocacy Best Practices

Do identify yourself, your organization, your role, where you are from, and the purpose of your visit.

Do address the legislator as Commissioner or Mayor unless they request otherwise.

Do leave your card with the legislator and the staff you visit.

Do offer to wait or come back if that appears to be more convenient.

Do offer to have the legislator or staff call you in the future if they have any questions or would like assistance.

Do not insist on your position. You are providing information to help them make their own decision. Provide your own rationale for your position and answer any questions they have.

Do not offer criticism of other persons or organizations. If you have to identify possible opposition, do so with respect for the reasons they may have.

Do not answer a question that you are not sure of; instead offer to follow-up or have a VIRGINIA KEY BEACH PARK TRUST staff follow-up on any specific issue or concern.

Do make a note of any issues or concerns raised by the legislator or staff. We will compile these notes both for future reference and for follow-up.

Do end by thanking them for taking time out of their busy schedule to meet with you.